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Keeping it Green

Has anyone else watched plastic planet? No? Well… you should . It is equal parts informative and harrowing. The “single use” world we live in is quickly ruining the planet today, let alone for all the generations to come.

There are many ways we can combat this, all of which you already know and we wouldn’t want to lecture you any further. It’s simple. REDUCE. REUSE. RECYCLE.

We at Ross and Ross Events are really keen to do what we can to pull our weight and give back to the planet.

By 2021 we pledge to be as plastic free as we possibly can. In the meantime, here are the little bits we do to try make a difference:

  •  Biodegradable straws. This is an easy one – most bars and catering companies will use these now. However they are mainly made of paper. As a customer, these can be annoying, due to the fact they will go soggy after a single use. The paper is often bleached or dyed, which again can have a harmful effect on our planet. Our straws are made of recycled plant matter. They look like slightly fuzzy plastic, however given time they will break down naturally in compost. They also hold their shape after multiple uses and don’t use any nasty dyes or bleaches.


  •  Unbleached cocktail napkins. Cocktail napkins can come in all shapes, sizes and wonderful colours. However, they are primarily used to catch drips and mess – then binned. They take up to 4 weeks to biodegrade and often those with harmful dyes can take almost double that. So why not make things a bit simpler and use one that have no harmful substances in them and are a bit more eco friendly.


  •  Biodegradable props. Sometimes canapes and evening food will need a little skewer, spoon, or fork to help you eat it. It would be extremely easy for us to use something made of plastic considering we go through tens of thousands each season. However, plastic forks can take up to 20 years to biodegrade fully – this is as long as it took to build a singular pyramid in Egypt! We use our recycled bamboo or plant matter forks, spoons and skewers across your event as standard. Yes they may cost a little more to us, but every little helps.


  •  Keeping it local. 90% of our produce is local. The only thing we bring in from slightly further afield is our fish. Even then, we make sure we use a sustainable fishing company from UK waters who don’t catch fish under a certain size or weight , using the correct fishing techniques , ensuring that the population of fish has time to replenish and maintained. All of our other produce; meat, veg and even our alcohol is sourced locally, helping reduce carbon emissions and keep the events we run as green and eco friendly as possible. It also creates a personal relationship between ourselves and our suppliers, ensuring quality produce for every event.


  •  Sorting our waste. Quite self explanatory actually, but all of our waste; food, glass, plastic and paper is sorted at our HQ and disposed of correctly. Helping speed up the recycling process.


  •  Planting Trees. This is a big one for us at Ross and Ross Events. For every wedding we cater for or plan we will plant a tree in Stoke Wood through the Woodland Trust Association . We are aware that the wedding industry is not the most eco friendly by nature, and we will do what we can, where we can to combat this. In the meantime, planting a tree for each of our wonderful clients gives us the chance to give a little something back to the resources we take by running events.


So there you have it, a little list of what we try to do to make a difference. Running Weddings and Events it would be really easy to overlook these elements , they aren’t exactly cost effective for us (currently our biodegradable food bin bags cost 35p each rather than the standard plastic bags at 2p each). However by implementing these small changes- hopefully we are taking the right steps to make a big change and our clients can take comfort in the fact we are doing what we can to help the world in our own little way.

If you have any further ideas for us to help our Eco Policy, or have any questions please do let us know.

The Ross and Ross Events Team.