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Elegant BBQ catering for outdoor Weddings by Ross & Ross Events

Have you considered BBQ catering for your outdoor wedding?

Getting married is the happiest moment in your lives and you want every aspect to run as smoothly as possible. Nonetheless, some elements carry greater importance than others and high-quality wedding catering is unquestionably one of the most important ingredients in the recipe for success.

When hosting an ultra-fashionable outdoor wedding in the Cotswolds or wider Oxfordshire region, BBQ catering by Ross & Ross Events is the perfect solution.

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BBQ Catering Oxfordshire

Ross & Ross take great pride in providing a range of catering options for various events. Right now BBQs are a particularly popular solution in the realm of catering for outdoor wedding celebrations. It’s fun, affordable, and reflects the spirit of the big day in stunning style.

This type of eating provides a great level of versatility in terms of both food choices and layout plans. The BBQ catering menu offers classics like sticky BBQ baby back ribs, cherry wood smoked pork belly, and the signature Ross & Ross bacon cheeseburger. Meanwhile, special treats including BBQ garlic king prawn skewers and 10hr pit braised blade of beef & Romesco sauce truly bring the luxury vibe of a wedding to life.

The BBQ wedding catering Oxfordshire services also include a range of vegetarian options as well as salads while several of the main courses are gluten-free, enabling you to satisfy all guests with a range of food options. Better still, they can choose what they like and dislike without fear of offending you. For all of these reasons and more, the BBQ option is perfect for your outdoor wedding.

When choosing the BBQ catering option, there are options regarding whether you wish to seat in a formal or informal layout. This can also be an ideal way to bring people together.

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The Ultimate Catering Solution For All Outdoor Weddings

Matching the food to the atmosphere of the day is never easy, but is particularly challenging when organising an outdoor wedding. Whether celebrating with a rustic theme, a chic estate theme, a modern tropical theme, a whimsical theme, a desert theme, or something entirely different doesn’t matter. The BBQ food will always hit the mark.

Again, the extensive range of menu choices means that you can even use this type of wedding catering for a vegetarian or vegan celebration. Better still, this type of menu can be tailored to suit parties of varying size. Whether it’s a small intimate function or a big public celebration, finding the right volume of food is easy. Meanwhile, the quick-cooking times mean you can spread the food out over the course of the afternoon and evening. This can be far better than the traditional route.

bbq wedding catering

Ross & Ross are dedicated to providing stunning dishes for all outdoor weddings in Oxfordshire. Everyone remembers a great BBQ, and the tasty treats are sure to be a winner with guests of all ages and backgrounds. Better still, it can guide the other organisational aspects of your big day. Catering for your outdoor wedding has never looked better.

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