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Are you a total foodie, but want a relaxed and interactive feel to your wedding breakfast? Then look no further than our BBQ menus.

Our BBQ menus have been picking up the pace and are fast becoming the most popular style of menu at Ross and Ross Events. They are brilliant for bringing a more informal style of food to the foreground of a luxury wedding setting.

When we say BBQ , many of our clients would automatically think that this would mean waiting in a big long line for our chefs to serve sausages to eager and hungry guests. This however, you’ll be glad to know, is very much not the case.

Our slow cooked meats and scrumptious sides are lovingly prepared by our chefs behind the scenes, then our BBQ is brought to your table by our fantastic team on platters accompanied by big sharing bowls of side dishes for every table.

This means that every table gets a vast array of choice, as you can choose up to four “main” elements for your sharing board. From Scottish Plank Roasted Salmon with Charred lemon, to 10 hour Pit Braised Blade of Beef with Romesco Sauce, there is certainly something for everyone with plenty of veggie and vegan options too.

Alongside those wondrous main elements you can also choose up to three side dishes for the table. Some of our team favourites include – Charred Tenderstem Broccoli , French Beans, Salsa Verde & Sesame Seed Yuzu, or the ever colourful Lentil, Pickled Shallot and Beetroot Salad.

As the large wooden boards are placed down in the centre of each table, and sides are dotted between guests – this style of menu is great for that “family feel”, where people are drawn to talk to each other through the theatrical nature of the dishes and the passing of sides. Guests are spoiled for choice and are encouraged to take as much or as little of each element to suit them, with no pressure to eat all of a singular portion that may be presented to them if you were to choose a plated menu.

Our BBQ menu is typically a two course menu as the mains are certainly quite the celebration of food. We have found over the seasons that clients tend to lean towards having this as a main and dessert option rather than starter and main.

The reason being , this means they can have more fun with canapes and treat the drinks reception and its accompanying nibbles as if it were the starter to their wedding breakfast. This again adds to a very relaxed and interactive atmosphere which creates such a beautiful environment on your special day.

“But wait, what about dessert?” we hear you ask. Don’t you worry, we haven’t forgot about your something sweet! Another brilliant element of the BBQ menu is that you can choose any of the desserts you want from our menus. Amazing, right? Whether you fancy offering your guests their own plated option, or you want to carry on down that sharing route and serve a sharing dessert per table (did someone say giant seasonal fruit pavlova?). Another option would be to spoil your guests for choice once more and go for a sharing board dessert. This means choosing three different desserts and having a selection of each displayed on sharing slates to each table, much like the wooden boards from the BBQ mains.

Just to clarify, we don’t want your guests to feel overwhelmed and we really don’t like food waste (see our Eco credentials for more details) . This is why we carefully plan the portions of desserts on sharing boards. Say you have a round table of 10 guests, this would mean you have approximately 3 or 4 medium sized portions of your three nominated desserts. Meaning everyone can choose the dessert that’s right for them, and probably share a sneaky half portion of something else that takes their fancy.

With all of this in mind you can see why our BBQ menu is fast becoming an event favourite. From the bold colours, fantastic flavours and copious customisation available, it really is a magnificent dining option for any special occasion.

As always our menus are open to customisation, just check in with our events team for more details.




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