You are currently viewing 5 ideas for a Bride & Groom Entrance

Congratulations, you are now married – it’s time to eat! With the wedding breakfast comes the all-important ‘newlywed’ entrance to the room. Struggling to come up with ideas on how to do so? Whether you’re thinking something subtle and simple or something absolutely showstopping, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 5 ideas for the best bridal entrance ever…

Dance In!

If you want to keep it simple and don’t like to be the centre of attention, then choosing a song to walk in together to is your best bet! Designate your Master of Ceremony or Best Man the all-important job of announcing you both through as newlyweds. This allows for a lovely photo opportunity and excites all your guests. If you like to keep things interesting and switch it up from the traditional wedding, then you could even encourage your bridal party to take part in a dance routine with yourselves, these always look spectacular!

Champagne Tower

A champagne tower is a glamorous way to enter your wedding breakfast and a perfect way to serve toasts to all your guests before your speeches! Champagne towers are huge focal point, they bring luxury to your wedding day, and they look undeniably chic, creating the most beautiful photo opportunity for both you and your guests. It also helps on the timing side of things; you can round them all up and head on in for dinner all together!

Ride In Style

Again, if you are thinking of a showstopping idea to enter your wedding breakfast, then why not enter via a vintage car, a horse or even a helicopter. This one is perfect; it allows you to get some much-needed private time after your ceremony and take a moment to soak it all in. This allows you to get creative and chose something that is relevant and unique to both you and your partner, perhaps even a boat or a hot air balloon, the more creative and unique the better!

Bridal Party Entrance

If your hot on introductions, why not introduce your whole bridal party? Take it in turns to introduce each and every member of your bridal party and give them their own moment in the spotlight, building up to the introduction of yourselves! This very American trend is becoming increasingly popular allowing you to pay thanks to those closest to you whilst giving them their own 5 seconds of fame!

Cut The Cake

Who says you can’t have cake before dinner! If your thinking of serving your wedding cake as dessert, then this is a wonderful idea, giving the all-important jobs to your caterers to cut it up ready for dessert. Gather up your guests and cut the cake before heading into dinner, kick off your meal with a sneaky slice of cake beforehand, why not it’s your wedding day!

By Meels, Event Manager