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Oxfordshire party catering experts Ross & Ross have some top tips to ensure that your next party is a success!

Catering for a large crowd can be a difficult task, and if you want to take your party food to the next level, it might be time to call in the professionals. Oxfordshire catering company Ross & Ross have a few tips to ensure that everything runs smoothly at your event.

oxfordshire party catering sausage roll

1. Consider your venue

Where do you fancy holding your party? If your home can handle the crowd, it’s lovely to have caterers come in and do all of the hard work. However, if you have something grander in mind, why not have a look at some local venues?

2. Choose the right caterer

The right caterer for you is the one that can work with you to create the food that you want your guests to enjoy. Oxfordshire party catering specialists Ross & Ross don’t believe in a one size fits all solution – we like to talk to our clients and find out exactly what they’re hoping for before we put pen to paper – or oil to the pan!

3. Pick a menu for the occasion

Your menu is as individual as you! What do you fancy? Let your imagination go wild and be inspired by memorable meals, childhood favourites or the latest trends.

4. Check the numbers

Never knowingly undercater! Ask your guests to confirm their attendance, along with any special dietary needs, in advance of the event. This is also a great time to ask what happens to any extra food – hopefully, you’ll get some nice leftovers.

5. Fingers or forks?

Finger food is perfect for spaces where seating is at a premium. A selection of buffet items that your guests can nibble by hand makes for a convenient spread. However, a plated meal is usually far more filling – ideal if your party is covering meal times.

6. Don’t forget the drinks

It’s not just food you’ll need to provide – how about Drinks? For a truly special experience, why not treat your guests to the Ross & Ross Bar?

7. What’s happening on the night?

Before the event, it’s advisable to run through the order of the evening. Allow time for everyone to arrive and get themselves a drink, as well as time for seconds!

8. Don’t forget clean up!

Bin bags at the ready! And check with your caterers who will be responsible for tidying up at the end of the night.

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