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Impress your clients and ensure you host an event to remember by carefully choosing the best corporate catering partner. Our guide to corporate catering is a great place to start.

Planning the catering for a corporate event is a tricky business. Slip up once and you could forever be known as the guy who left half of the HR team with nothing to eat or completely neglected to include a vegetarian option for the MD. With a little planning and the assistance of a great corporate catering company, you can pull off an event that everyone will be talking about for all the right reasons. Here are some top tips to get you started from Ross & Ross, a catering company based in Oxfordshire.

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Ask ahead about any dietary restrictions

We don’t want anyone left out, so ask your attendees ahead of time if they have any special requirements for the menu. Check for vegetarians/vegans, dairy free, wheat free and religious diets. A good corporate catering company should be able to work with you to make sure that there are options for all!

Choose your menu for the occasion

Different menus suit different meetings. If the food is the hero of your event, such as a company party or social mixer, then the food can take centre stage and help to soak up any celebratory alcohol. However, if you’re holding a meeting and need refreshments to keep the delegates going, bear in mind how long they’ll have to eat and what can be eaten in the boardroom.

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Space saving

Corporate catering is often limited by the space available. Bear this in mind when planning your menu, especially if you want to have people milling around and socialising. If you’d like to have a large number of people in a small space, why not consider a drop in event? That way you can stagger the crowds.

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Ross & Ross Food are a multi-award winning fine food company based in the Cotswolds with over 15 years experience in the hospitality industry. From exclusive business lunches to celebratory awards parties, our Corporate Catering is a deliciously dependable way to take care of your business’s hosting needs. Bold flavours, seasonal ingredients & well-sourced produce are always at the forefront of our menus; working with our clients’ ideas, budget & time-scale to create bespoke catering experiences.

We work closely with your business, from planning & preparation through to coordination on the day, to ensure both our food & service reflects the ethos of your company with professionalism & personality…

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