On Friday 9th December, Ross Bearman (Director) appeared on BBC Radio Oxford for Foodie Friday, presented by Kat Orman, to talk about both our Homemade Curing Kits and Event Catering. Ross shared information all about how the business started, what products we sell and all about our catering business, including the time our events team catered for David Cameron and what dishes we served at his event. Ross also took along some cured Salmon, which was cured using our Smoky Cure inside the Salmon Curing Kit, which Kat was incredibly impressed with due to the delicious, strong flavours that came from the cure.

This interview went amazingly and we’d like to thank BBC Radio Oxford for this great opportunity to further share more information about our Homemade Curing Kits and how they really fit in with the recent trend of curing all your own ingredients.

If you’re interested in ordering any products for trade, or have any questions, simply contact Ben on one of the following contact information below:
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