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Decisions, decisions…

Here are our top 5 tips for choosing your wedding day menu:

  1.      Choose what you love

Your wedding day is a celebration of you and your thoughts should be on your favourite dishes and flavours.  You might want your menu to reflect your heritage or travels together so why not consider incorporating elements of both to make it unique and personal to you? If you’re worried about your guests not enjoying your menu, we are here to help and can help you come up with options to suit everyone while not compromising on the things you want to eat.

  1.      Think seasonal

We have different menus to reflect the changing seasons and recommend that you try to choose seasonal ingredients to get the best price and flavour.  For a summer wedding menu, our BBQ feasting menu with big bowls of delicious vibrant salads is a popular option or for a wintry vibe, opt for heartier dishes perhaps with a fun autumnal or festive theme.

  1. Style & budget

Food & service go hand in hand and so it’s important to consider the style and format of your day.  Do you want a more laid-back, interactive meal with sharing options in the middle of the table or is beautifully presented plated menu the best option for you?

  1. Book your tasting session in good time

It’s one of the best bits of planning! Tasting sessions also serve as a great opportunity to discuss table styling, dietary requirements, children’s menus and different types of bars.

  1. Drinks

Whether you are opting for a full bar or providing your own drinks for service, it can be a bit of a minefield to organise.  We suggest having some fun with your drinks whether it’s a classic cocktail hour, jugs of Pimm’s in Summer, mulled cider in Autumn or boozy hot chocolate at Christmas.  We are more than happy to provide guidance on quantities for wine during the meal and speeches and are always here for ideas on what evening bar would work best for your event.

Written by Tash Whitmill – Events Team