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When planning a Christmas themed wedding, it’s important to create a centrepiece that infuses the festive spirit whilst harmonizing with the overall wedding décor. At Ross and Ross, we have witnessed some exceptional nodes to Christmas during those special days that fall close to the festive period, so here are some of our favourite Christmas themed centrepieces that add a seasonal charm to your wedding celebrations.


Start with rustic trestles, with a chiffon table runner to set the foundation of your tablescape. Incorporate elements of lush evergreen foliage such as pine, cedar or spruce into the centrepieces to highlight the beauty of the season. Pair with earthy elements such as pine cones, birch logs and evergreen branches to bring the outdoors in and add a touch of woodland charm. Scatter vintage bud vases with seasonal florals, such as red roses, deep burgundy dahlias and creamy white hydrangeas to embrace a classic and cosy look. Nestle rustic lanterns with led light amidst the greenery and accent with clusters of berries like holly or winterberry for a festive pop of colour and a touch of warmth. Embrace that colour palette that reflects the cosy feel of the holiday season, with a forest green napkin and a menu with touches of gold and copper.


Begin with crisp white clothed tables and arrange a variety of candles as the focal point of your tablescape. Consider using pillar candles of different heights, taper candles in elegant candle holders or floating candles in glass surrounds to create a captivating display. Nestle these inside festive wreaths, full of rich greens and bold cream flowers. Enhance the candlelit glow with subtle tea lights to add definition and decorate with strings of fairy lights cascading down the walls to add an even more enchanting twinkle. Select timeless and elegant tableware such as classic polished silver beaded charger plates and crystal glassware to bring that depth and sparkle to the overall tablescape. Incorporate metallic accents such as silver votive holders, silver ribbon or a metallic silver cracker to highlight that festive feel.


Set the stage by laying down a lush red runner as the bold base and use rich red roses and deep crimson peonies as the focal flowers in your centrepiece arrangements, integrate gold-painted branches or gold-dusted greenery to add a touch of elegance and sparkle. The combination of tall, elegant red taper candlesticks in gold candelabras creates a lavish and traditional look. Surround the bases with holly, ivy or other seasonal greens for a classic and timeless centrepiece, integrate winter berries into these arrangements for a festive touch. Accompany gold charger plates with white napkins and vibrant red velvet ribbons in an elegant manor to elevate the tablescape with a both regal and festive touch. Create clusters of red and gold ornaments in varying sizes, arrange them in decorative bowls or scatter them among the floral arrangements for infuse the traditional Christmas charm.


Embrace a predominantly white colour scheme to mimic the pristine beauty or freshly fallen snow. Chose white linens, napkins and dinnerware to create a crisp and clean foundation for your tablescape. Introduce accents of icy blue to add a hint of cool elegance to the table, consider using blue-hued or crystal cut glassware to capture the glistening allure or ice and frost. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with an abundance of candlelight, include mirrors to create a sense of depth and reflection. Infuse your tablescape with the delicate beauty of snow by incorporating shimmering snowflake ornaments or frosted pine branch trees amongst white foliage and blooms to evoke the beauty of winter landscapes. Include mirrored surfaces as part of the tablescape to create a sense of depth and to simulate the look of frozen lakes, highlighting the serene and whimsical spirit that embodies a winter wonderland.

Remember the key to creating a stunning Christmas wedding tablescape is to infuse it with warmth, charm and a healthy dose of holiday spirit. Whether you prefer a classic traditional look or a more modern and elegant, there are endless possibilities to create the perfect ambience for your celebration. And don’t be afraid to mix and match elements to create a tablescape that truly speaks to your unique vision or your special day.