Food is one of the most important aspects of your Wedding Day and it can be tricky when planning a Wedding to decide what to do when it comes to the catering. With dietary requirements flying in from guests who are intolerant-to-this & allergic-to-that, being torn between tradition & trend, and not to mention ‘family politics’, it all seems like a recipe for disaster! This Wedding Season we’ve catered for Cotswold Wedding Parties who’ve feasted on everything from BBQ Platters to pretty Picnic Hampers, formal 5 Course Feasts to social Street-Food suppers! And with plenty of happy clients following their BIG DAY, we thought we’d offer some words of advice to engaged couples starting to think about their Wedding Catering.

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Fashionable Formal

Everyone wants their wedding to be interesting & individual. But some ideas can be a bit too out-there for more senior members of the family to appreciate. And with family usually having huge influence over many wedding decisions, their opinions need to be kept in mind when planning your menu. Where the 3 course sit-down Wedding Breakfast may seem like a thing of the past, we see trendier alternatives coming in that still keep that grand ambience. A 5 Course taster menu is a great opportunity to keep that lengthly dinner-feel to your wedding breakfast whilst also taking the pressure off worrying about dietary requirements, likes & dislikes. With 5 well-suited smaller plates, this style of catering really does offer something for everyone! So that particularly ‘foodie’ guest is wowed by the more inventive dish and Uncle Albert is happy too!


Keep it Social

There’s nothing worse than being stuck on ‘that’ table at a Wedding. Conversation is limited. Drinks are going stagnant in glasses. The only sound is that of cutlery scraping on plates… It can be hard when quite often guests don’t know one another & are meeting for the first time on the day. Sharing Boards are a great way to battle the awkwardness & shyness on a table & get conversation flowing! This summer we’ve seen BBQ boards become increasingly popular as brides & grooms opt for social feasting. Imagine hunks of tender meat, hickory smoked ribs & colourful seafood kebabs on rustic boards with vintage forks & carving knives! Likewise, a more traditional roast rack of lamb or loin of pork with both traditional and trendy sides is a delicious Wedding Breakfast sharer. Pop an embarrassing chefs apron & hat on a chosen guests chair & nominate them to carve, or simply let hungry guests tuck in!

Chow Creatively!

How you serve your food on your Wedding Day is an opportunity to reflect your personality & set the tone for the celebration. For a laid-back, summer celebration, picnic hampers may be a nice way to serve a sharing style wedding breakfast. Likewise, a rustic autumn wedding might see tree stumps to display puddings & sweets. Having fun with your food & being imaginative with how you serve it will make your wedding day memorable & personal!

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Fabulous Foodie Touches

It’s understandable if you have to be quite conservative with the style of Wedding Catering you chose. But you can have free creative reign over those little foodie touches that can add huge impact to your day! Stray away from the common hog-roast for evening food & try an alternative such as a Street-Food stall or van. This wedding season we’ve served our classic street food dishes- 10 hour slow roasted lamb bap with salsa verde or slow roasted beef with bacon & romesco sauce- from our lovely, bunting-clad stall! Another hit with evening guests are mini Fish & Chip cones, Sliders & Pizza slices- all taking only 1 hand to consume, leaving the other free for drinking and dancing! Stumped on what to do for pudding? There are some cool & quirky ice cream vans & sweet treat trucks that will serve up fun desserts & be a great focal point for you day!


Whichever style of Wedding Catering you decide upon, the most important things to keep in mind are that it’s in-keeping with the atmosphere of your day & reflective of you. Make sure the menu is well-balanced, seasonal & full of your favourite food!