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Who doesn’t love a late-night carb fest?
Evening food is a delicious opportunity to get creative with your favourite snack while also soaking up some bubbles before bed.


If you are stuck on night-time inspiration, we suggest pulling ideas from your favourite country, holiday or perhaps even drawing on a fond childhood memory.  This season we have been busy with a Cereal Bar complete with all the retro Kellogg’s classics, Crepes with Nutella and Banana and Lemon & Sugar, Greek Gyros, Trinidadian Doubles, Giant Sausage Rolls and Doughnut Trays.


Tacos are a playful option with their vibrant colour and Crispy Chicken Waffles & Syrup offer a laid back street food vibe.  Gooey Mac n Cheese Pots with the option of Garlic & Herb Crunchy Crumb, Crispy Onions, Bacon Bits toppings served to your guests on our cinema style trays are guaranteed to keep everyone happy without leaving the dancefloor.  And our ever-popular Florence and Diego, the irresistible Pizza Tuk-Tuk duo, continue to delight by firing out freshly baked pizza to party revellers in need of a stamina boost.


You can also get artistic with the presentation – personalised paper, brightly coloured American diner baskets, retro chip cones and pom pom sticks.  Whatever evening food you decide on, be imaginative and have some fun with it – that final bite should be a lasting fond and delicious reminder of your fabulous party.


Written by Tash Whitmill