You are currently viewing Ross and Ross 2020 food trends to watch!

Here at Ross & Ross Events, we’re always keeping an eye on the bigger picture, and making sure we’re on track…


We love trying new things, and being the best we can be. A new year brings with it a new flurry of ideas for the season to come, and we’ve been spending time developing those into some new offerings for our clients. Some happen behind the scenes, and they may not even notice – but they’re just as important!

Here are a few things we’ve picked up on for 2020.

Fermented & Asian Foods

Kimchi, Miso, Kefir are all fermented and of Asian descent, and boast major health benefits, particularly for the gut. We’ve been testing out our pickled veg, and our pickled cucumber is an absolute winner. It gives our salads a clean, tangy, Asian edge.  We also use mirin, a Japanese rice wine, and sake for our new sharing starter crab claws, again boasting that Asian element, and something a little different.

Eco Friendly

Not only do we plant a tree for every wedding we do with the National Woodland Trust, we also recycle all glass and cardboard waste from site, and food waste too. We have switched all of our plastic cups and straws to biodegradable plant matter. We have also been known to go that extra mile and create place cards for clients on “seeded paper” which can be buried in two inches of soil after use to grow wild flowers – eco-friendly and so sweet!

Street food as evening food

Tacos are making a big comeback – something we already highlight in our evening food selection. We love the showmanship of street food at an elegant affair, it’s a feature. We do our large paella pan, or the same with mac and cheese – and you can create your own toppings. This adds a tactile, fun element that guests can get involved with and it gets them chatting to each other- whilst delivering a fuss-free food that they know and love. We mirror this in a slightly more elegant fashion with our reception stations. A presentation of oysters, yakitori or iberico ham to wow guests, with a chef on hand to answer any questions they may have.

No waste foods

There is a big rise in “root to stem” presentation , not wasting any part of the produce. We like to create big, bold and exciting vegetarian options- including our whole charred cauliflower in the new 2019 menu. We also showcase whole veg in our side dishes for our meat main courses, and only use seasonal /local produce. From strawberries with their leaves, to carrots with their tops – it adds colour, and makes dishes look that bit more special.

Moroccan influence

Our Moroccan bowls have been a staple of our buffet and grazing stations for some time. Their colours are perfect for outdoor or marquee weddings or for any venue wanting a pop of colour. The colour of the dishes draw people in and get them excited about the food to come. On that note, some of our new dishes have a subtle Moroccan hint to them to carry on the ever-increasing trend of 2019. We are using lots of toasted almonds, turmeric, wild rice, saffron and bulgar wheat throughout the new menu to add that slight twist on some already gorgeous dishes.

Think of Morocco and you think of relaxed tents, lots of colour, sharing dishes – lots of elements that Ross & Ross love, and are great for a summer wedding! Although let’s not limit it to the warmer months, as the Moroccan and Asian spices in our menu are great winter warmers too.

New season, new colours.

Out with the pastels, in with the bold colour statements. Vogue magazine editor, Christian Allaires, prediction is that soft pastels are out and statement pieces are in (he also predicted the trend of elderflower for 2018’s ‘flavour of choice’ – and it was Harry & Meghan’s wedding cake!. Chromes and silvers are making their way through, as they pair with just about any colour imaginable. Whether it’s the candles on a table, the table runner itself or just a funky glass or two- we’ve seen it all and we can make it all happen! We always use a great array of colour in our cooking, so why not pair it with a funky statement coloured water glass…


If you’re planning a wedding in 2020 and you’re still not sure what you fancy to eat, have a word with our team. We can help you to create the perfect menu for your special day.