Hi everyone

Hope you’re all feeling good and are getting into the spirit one of my favourite dress up occasions of the year.. HALLOWEEN! 

SO TO BUSINESS. I’m sure you’re all aware by now that we have recently launched a new gift box that we’re really excited about – The Homemade Curing Kit… Bacon. If you weren’t aware, it’s basically a kit that contains everything you need to make original, sweet and smoky cured bacon in the comfort of your own home, you just need to provide the pork. Doesn’t that sound good?! I can tell you (and I’m not just saying this because I have to), that it really does make amazing bacon – honestly some of the greatest bacon sandwiches I’ve had in my life. And I’ve had a few. I’ve bought four for various relatives’ Christmas presents already.

So this is where I’m going with all this – last Friday we launched our ever-popular annual Halloween Competition, in which 3 winners will be able to take home one of these handy little kits. And we want YOU to take part.

This is what you have to do: carve your pumpkin, then send us a picture of it. THAT’S IT. Bonus points are available for those who go the extra mile – spooky scene dressing, posing with halloween costumes etc. We just want to see you and your friends and family enjoying your Halloween, and then at 9am on Monday 3rd November, the competition ends and we call in our expert judges to pick out the best 3. 

Sound like something you or the kids might like to do? Go for it, you’ve got 5 days from now to get your entries in! Here’s a couple of pictures of some entries we’ve already had for inspiration…


                                                               Bacon Kit full size


               Emma Sandbach                   Nicola Brittain