You are currently viewing Happy Birthday to Becca, our Ross and Ross Events Office Manager

Becca Sutton joined Ross and Ross Events three years ago, bringing her eye for detail, amazing juggling skills and a passion for great local food. We caught up with her as she celebrates her birthday.

Becca Sutton

Tell us about life with the Ross and Ross Events Team.

I have worked for R&R for three and a half years. I have done three full wedding seasons, running events and doing all the admin for the catering, but since we have continued to expand, I now head up the office team and ensure all the paperwork is in order for all events, book in staff, equipment, and generally make sure everything is ready and in place for the event management team to go out and run the events!

Prior to joining the Ross & Ross team, I held a number of different admin positions, and in my free time I was the event coordinator for my choir. I decided to combine the two, and found myself at Ross & Ross!

What’s your favourite food?

My favourite food is sushi. My favourite things from our menus are the twice baked cheese and spinach souffle, pretty much everything on the BBQ Menu, and of course, the scotch eggs!

How about a tipple?

Gin is my favourite. My boyfriend always treats me to a craft gin membership for my birthday – a brand new bottle of gin on my doorstep every month! The Cotswold Gin is still my favourite though.

Gin and Tonic glass

What are your plans for your birthday?

I am having a week off! My boyfriend and I will be in the utility room tiling and generally doing DIY. I’m hoping he’ll treat me to a nice meal at our local pub in the evening!