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A canapé station is a fantastic addition to any event or gathering, allowing guests to enjoy a variety of canapes cooked to order, whilst adding an interactive element to the food service. Here at Ross and Ross Events we venture round the Cotswolds with our various stations and deliver an exceptionally interactive experience for all your guests, no matter the occasion. Our well experienced team are hands on to help you celebrate your special day and as luxury events & wedding caterers we only want the best of the best for your guests.


Perfect for a summer’s day, our yakitori station is an exciting and interactive way to showcase the delicious flavours of Japanese cuisine at your wedding. Traditional Yakitori BBQs are displayed where guests can observe the skilled preparation and cooking of yakitori skewers and engage with one of our finest chefs. We offer a variety of chicken skewers, including classic options such as chicken thighs, breasts, and meatballs. Presented with a selection of traditional yakitori toppings, soy dipping sauce with sake and spring onions, crispy garlic and furikake, which offer a sweet and savoury glaze, with a contrasting crunch. Your guests will love this engaging with this station and will be impressed with its unique visual culinary experience.


Featuring one of our skilled carving chefs, expertly slicing the delicate layers of ham to order, the culinary theatre this station provides enables your guests to witness the precision in carving the ham. This prized whole leg of Spanish ham serves as a fantastic focal point during your drink’s reception, whilst offering a rich, nutty flavour with a melt in your mouth texture. You can expect an assortment of premium olives, crunchy almonds, and fresh chilli peppers to pair alongside this exceptional ham. This station promises to engage the senses and offer a truly immersive experience for your guests, creating a sophisticated and memorable experience!


An elegant and sophisticated experience that highlights the exquisite flavours and freshness of oysters. Displaying a selection of freshly shucked oysters on a bed of ice to showcase both their freshness and qualities. Fresh from Cornwall, our native oysters are Served alongside tabasco, shallot and sherry vinegar and lemon wedges to complement that natural brininess. A chef will shuck oysters expertly to order, providing guests with a personalized and engaging experience whilst bringing a visual element to the station.


A delightful and customizable experience is brought to you and your guests with an interactive bruschetta station, celebrating the vibrant flavours of this Italian favourite. Croutes are on display with four elements of your choice, including options such as parma ham and rocket, wild garlic pesto, bocconcini, heritage tomato and shredded basil and many more. Your guests will be spoiled for choice and surrounded by an abundance of fresh and high-quality ingredients they can use to create their own unique combinations. This station allows you to customise your own sensory experience whilst bringing an elegance to your wedding reception.

The world of canapé station options is endless, with an abundance of choice on how to bring some theatre to your special day whilst also feeding those ravenous guests, they are a perfect addition to any event. No matter which of these you choose, you are guaranteed to have a fully immersive experience with food that leaves an everlasting impression on your special guests.