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You’ve just gotten engaged! Congratulations! Now to start planning.

Arguably the biggest decision to make will be your Venue. Choosing the right venue for your wedding will set the tone for your whole celebration. It has to be right for you.

Ross and Ross Events are lucky enough to cater in some exquisite wedding venues across Oxfordshire. Each venue has its unique selling points that will suit different couples and their weddings. Ultimately we wouldn’t be able to choose between them; however we have compiled a helpful list of points that may help you decide.

Event dinner set-up on long tables by Ross and Ross1.  Set your budget; and stick to it. Let’s be honest, weddings are a big financial decision & there are hundreds of different venues available. Setting a realistic budget will help you filter through venues that are available to you.

2. Capacity; be clear on your guest list. Work it out together. Including any evening guests. This will help you refine your venue options.

3. Style of venue. Now you have a range of venues within your budget- great. Now lets get to the fun stuff! The style of venue will really depict the overall atmosphere for your day. Going rustic and relaxed? Perhaps a Barn style venue is perfect for you. Something more regal? Maybe time to look up private estates and houses. There really are styles out there to suit everyone.

4. Visits. Actually seeing your venue in person can make or break a decision, and choosing the right time to go is key. Make sure you’re visiting in a relevant season, or as close to it as you can get. It will make a difference. Try to make sure to minimise extra guests on your first viewing – added input can make first impressions confusing. Meeting the team involved with the venue will help you get a good sense of how your day will run and it’s a great excuse to pick their brains for all things wedding related. Advice from a professional is always a good way of calming nerves!

Luxury wedding canapés served on scallops5. Clarify Rules and Inclusions. Each venue will have their own rules and regulations on things from wedding styling, alcohol, food and times; as well as things that are included in the cost. Make sure you get clarification on these elements in black and white. You want to be clear from the outset how these elements will effect the rest of your planning and budget.

6.  Food & Drink! Maybe we are a little bias but we think this step is one of the most important when choosing a venue! Venues will either have one sole caterer, a list of recommendations or a combination thereof. Get a good idea of what’s available and the costs implicated. There is no point in choosing a venue if the Food and Drink options don’t suit you or your finances. Second to venue this is probably the biggest part of your budget and it’s got to be right for you!

7.  Have fun! “When you know – you’ll know”. Wedding planning needs to be fun. If things are proving stressful, take a step back and press pause. You’ll be amazed what starts to fall into place once you have your wedding venue chosen. Don’t try to cram in appointment, don’t rush to make a choice. Do your research together, read reviews , take your time.

Hopefully the above has helped you a little. Remember there is no tradition these days, unless you want it, do things your way! Have fun and remember Ross and Ross are always here to help!

by Vix – Lead Event Manager