You are currently viewing Micro Weddings – everything you need to know

A small phrase with a lot of meaning. Micro weddings by definition are small and intimate weddings with guest numbers ranging from 5 – 30 guests. They still hold the same traditional format, but on a much smaller scale, usually feeling a lot more relaxed and shorter in length than a standard wedding. Once above the 30-guest mark, it would become and intimate wedding, which usually ranges from 30 – 70 guests. There are so many reasons to opt for a micro wedding, these are the top 5 reasons to persuade you if you’re considering one!

  1. Endless Memories

It goes without saying that your wedding day is one of the most memorable days in your lifetime. However, being surrounded by lots of guests can often mean the day feels like it goes so swiftly. With a micro wedding you’ll enjoy a much more relaxed day and feel less pressured by your timings. It feels amazing to swap the rushed hellos and passing congratulations for intimate moments that will stay with you forever. When reflecting back it’ll feel like less of a whirlwind and more of a treasured memory.

  1. Budget friendly

Another big bonus to having a smaller wedding, is being able to have a smaller budget. We all know weddings are a costly affair and its easy to get carried away with the budget. However, with less guests, ultimately means less outgoings. It also allows your venue range to expand, often venues have maximum guest restrictions, but with smaller numbers your options are more open. It enables you to have more of what you want too. Sometimes having a meal, for instance, that you really love can be costly for over 100 guests, but with fewer numbers comes fewer costs – which is always a bonus, more money towards the honeymoon!

  1. More time with your guests

Spending time with your guests is what the big day is all about! Its often hard to make your way round everybody and you can feel under pressure to speak to everyone. Having a micro wedding means it’s much easier to spend time with those most important to you. There is also less pressure on who to invite, family politics can always be tricky when planning your special day, but with a micro wedding you can hand select who you really want to be there.

  1. Less time in the spotlight

If you don’t like all eyes on you, then a micro wedding is perfect! Because let’s face it, the thought of standing up in front of all of your friends and family can be incredibly daunting once, not to mention the multiple times throughout the day. With only those nearest and dearest to you attending, you can simply relax and know that you won’t be feeling uncomfortable. You can relax, take it easy and not feel like the centre of attention.

  1. Less stress and expectations

Having a micro wedding usually means less stress. The lead times are often shorter and there is a lot less to organise. You can prioritise what is most important to you, make meaningful choices and choose all of the elements that you truly love. You will also have less expectations about the big day, less pressure on big decisions and less people to please, meaning you can relax and enjoy the lead up to the big day!

All in all, micro weddings are perfect if you want a small and intimate affair.


Written by Meels – Event Manager