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National Dessert Day

We’re gearing up for the sweetest celebration of them all – National Dessert Day on 14 October. Pies or pavlovas, cakes or creme caramels… it’s the perfect time to indulge in your favourite puddings.

National Dessert Day is real, we promise! There’s an entire day in celebration of the deliciousness happening after dinner and we can’t wait. 14 October is set to be a celebration of puddings, as well as the bakers, chefs and confectioners who create our favourite desserts. When we are putting together a menu for a wedding or event, we’re careful not to overlook the all-important sweet course. Our desserts are as diverse as our clients, but we always aim to create something memorably delicious to reflect the occasion. We love recreating a special sweet that means something to the couple or just going all out with a show-stopping dessert that your guests will be talking about for ages. Have a chat to our team of experts to devise the dessert menu of your dreams.

How will you be celebrating National Dessert Day? Whether you want to revisit a childhood favourite – arctic roll or Angel Delight anyone? – or give the Great British Bake Off a run for their money, it’s a great time to enjoy something sweet. Local bakeries and ice cream parlours might have something special planned but even if they don’t, Britain is bursting with delicious desserts every day of the year.

In recent years, dessert challenges have been springing up all over the country. Inspired by hit Travel Channel TV show Man vs Food, where host Adam Richman attempts to eat copious amounts of food against the clock, dessert challenges are a true test of your tummy. Huckleberry’s Diner in York was one of the first UK restaurants to pick up on this trend and have all sorts of wild and wonderful challengers on their menu. If your sweet tooth is tingling, you could tackle the Pancake Problem. Four pounds of thick, buttermilk pancakes topped with an array of fruits, syrups, ice-cream and cream. You have a generous 90 minutes to solve this sweet conundrum. Over 2,000 people have tried it since 2012, and only four have been successful. Good luck!

Autumn is a great time for seasonal sweet treats – the hedgerows are heaving with delicious berries and apples pears and plums are abundant. You could whip up a good old fashioned blackberry and apple crumble using fresh local produce, topped with cream or custard for a naughty treat. Firm British pears make a brilliant pear tart tatin.