You are currently viewing Simplifying Your Christmas Dinner – Tips and Tricks from the Chefs at Ross & Ross Events
Preparing Christmas dinner can be a joyous but challenging task. To ease the stress and boost your festiveness, consider these tips inspired by our chefs:
1. Plan Ahead with Precision
Start your Christmas dinner preparations well in advance. Create a mental or written timeline, noting when each dish needs to be prepared and cooked.  Chutneys and Mincemeat can be made now and will improve over time.  Sauces can be made now and frozen until needed.  Stuffing, cauliflower cheese, spiced red cabbage and pastry can all be made a couple of days before and the vegetables prepped the night before.  Consider a potato gratin over roast potatoes as this can be prepped beforehand too and then simply popped into the oven on the day. Tailoring your menu to include a balance of dishes that can be prepared ahead of time and those requiring last-minute attention will allow you to spend more time with loved ones on Christmas day.
2. Embrace Make-Ahead Recipes
Choose recipes that can be partially or fully prepared in advance. This not only saves time on the day of the feast but also allows you to enjoy stress-free moments with your guests.  Delia is Queen of this.
3. Optimise Your Menu
Consider signature elements from the professionals – we are lucky to have some great local producers in the Cotswolds (Mark’s Bakery, Rollright Cheese, Salt Pig Cured Meats, Upton Smokery & Smokin’ Brothers Smoked Salmon) – for that extra touch of sophistication and deliciousness on the day.
4. Delegate and Collaborate
Embrace the spirit of collaboration by assigning specific tasks to family members or friends.  It will ease the burden on the host and helps everyone feels a part of the feast.  Desserts and cheese are great options to delegate and ask your family or friends to bring them ‘table-ready’ meaning they are plated, garnished and ready to go.
5. Invest in Quality Ingredients
Elevate your Christmas dinner by sourcing high-quality, fresh ingredients.  We prioritise premium produce always which ensures the best dining experience.  Keep it seasonal by treating your guests to the finest festive food this season has to offer.
6. Utilise Time-Saving Tools
Use any time-saving gadgets and tools you have at your disposal to streamline the cooking process – in our kitchens we couldn’t live without a handheld Robot Coupe Stick Blender.
7. Create a Welcoming Atmosphere
Beyond the kitchen, focus on setting a warm, ‘hygge’ ambiance with plenty of candles, low lighting and your favourite decorations.
Put on some classic sing-along festive tunes, pour yourself your favourite drink and go with the flow (it is also perfectly fine to ban everyone from the kitchen on the day).
Merry Christmas from our kitchen to yours!