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For a spring wedding, you’ll want to capture the fresh, vibrant essence of the season, whilst infusing your décor with elements that reflect the beauty of nature in bloom. Whether you prefer an elegant and sophisticated approach or a playful and whimsical aesthetic, there is an abundance of ideas when it comes to spring weddings and lots of unique styling options for this enchanting season. Here are 7 ideas to help you bring the radiance of spring to your wedding!


Embrace the natural beauty of the spring season by incorporating an abundance of fresh botanicals into your tablescape. Consider lush, overflowing floral centrepieces featuring seasonal blooms such a peonies, tulips and hydrangeas to infuse the table with vibrant colour and fragrant aromas. Incorporate an assortment of fresh flowers such as roses, daisies and wildflowers to create a vibrant centrepiece, display in a mix of mason jars, vintage pitches or rustic cans.


Choose soft and delicate pastel colours to evoke the dreamy and romantic essence of spring. Incorporate shades of blush, lavender, mint green and buttery yellow into your table linens, napkins and floral arrangements for a subtle and elegant touch. Choose light and airy fabrics such as chiffon or organza for table runners, chair bows or drapery to bring a sense of ethereal beauty and movement.


Opt for natural and organic tableware and place settings to enhance the rustic yet refined aesthetic of your spring tablescape. Consider incorporating woven chargers, textured linen napkins and earthy dinnerware for a charming yet down to earth appeal. Embrace the outdoors by incorporating fresh greenery, potted plants and herbs into your centrepieces, use moss and succulents to create an abundant display of greens. Incorporate wooden or rustic chargers to bring a touch of organic elegance.


Infused your tablescape with whimsical garden-inspired details such as floral-patterned china and colourful glassware to capture the enchanting spirit of a spring garden in full bloom. Infuse personality and charm into the table design by mixing visual textures, look for elements like napkin rings, or funky menus and place card holders to add dimension and personality. Add wooden benches, floral printed pillows and draped throws to create the feeling of a relaxing garden space.


Incorporate botanical prints or patterns into your table runners, napkins, or table linen to harness the lively and organic energy of spring whilst adding visual interest to the overall design. Create an elective vibe by mixing and matching different dinnerware pieces, try combining different patterns, colours and textures to add a playfulness to your table settings. Try heavy patterned linen with contrasting patterned plates to elevate and add depths to the overall set up.


Enhance the ambiance with the gentle glow of string lights, lanterns or candlelit hurricanes to create a cosy and magical atmosphere. Consider hanging fairy lights or placing lanterns around the table to bring a magical touch to your tablescape. Set the mood with gentle candles to create a warm and inviting vibe.


Explore the tactile beauty of textured stoneware in dinnerware and décor, with earthy tones and organic finishes. Choose dinner plates, salad plates and bowls that offer tactile surfaces, speckled glazes and imperfect edges to create a rustic and inviting table setting, that reflects those natural elements of the season.

When it comes to trends in spring tablescapes, the key is to embrace the beauty and freshness of the season while incorporating personal touches that reflect your unique style and vision for your wedding celebration. These ideas can help you create a stunning tablescape that captures the essence of spring and sets the tone for a memorable and joyful event.

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