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When planning your wedding there are many details to consider, from picking out the perfect dress, hunting for the venue of your dreams or most importantly designing that scrumptious wedding menu! The big details are always the easiest to finalise, but many of those finer details, such as table styling and decor can leave you feeling overwhelmed, but don’t stress, we are here to help! We have plenty of experience when it comes to table lay ups and have seen various different styling options throughout the years. Here at Ross and Ross we want to do everything in our power to ensure you have the best day possible, so we have highlighted our 5 favourite trends to elevate your table and to help you make that most important decision on how to style your wedding breakfast!

Table Types – The big decision

The first thing for you to establish is how you would like to dine. Are you looking for long rustic banquet tables, to seat a large number of guests, emphasizing that informal atmosphere and creating plenty of conversation, like one big family feast. Or maybe you’re looking for traditional round tables, to create that intimate feel and allow yourselves to see all of those important family and friends at once! Take your time, visualise yourselves dining in that space, look at your venue and see what works and most importantly look on socials, Pinterest, Instagram, gather that inspiration! Once you have decided on that all important table plan, its time to have fun with the décor.

Napkins – A cheap and cheerful way to brighten up the room!

If you are looking for a simple way to elevate the look of your tables, napkins are a perfect way to do so! Adding in an element of colour to your table contrasts against those white tablecloths, to brighten up the room. With varying textures and shades, you’re bound to find the perfect colour, to complement the colour palette of your choosing. To elevate that look even further, you may even think about how you would like that napkin to be folded, whether this be a knot, a drape or even a little pocket to display a menu or place name, the options are endless, but good luck asking anyone for a swan…

Plates & Glassware – Simple ways to elevate your food & Drink!

If your budget allows, upgrading glassware and plates are a really good way to elevate both your table settings and the presentation of your food. You can really tie in your chosen theme and use the upgrade crockery to blend it all together. There is such a wide variety to choose from, you can select a whole gold rimmed glassware range or even a different funky coloured water glass the options are endless. If you fancy something different you can choose from a range of small stoneware plates, or maybe even a white pearl beaded edge plate.

  1. Timeless Whites & Sage

If you like that timeless classic look, then the sage green and white trend is perfect for you. There is nothing more elegant than beautiful white buds, and adding in that subtle contrast of green foliage, and of course the table settings to match. This style compliments tall white pillar candles and multiple tiny tea lights delicately placed along your tables, or even a gentle contrasting green candlestick to seamlessly blend with those florals. This elegant style sits perfectly alongside a sparkling set of silver cutlery and tall fine cluster of glassware, and of course not forgetting crisp white plates to showcase your delicious menu! Simple really can be so effective and this classic style can be used all year round.

  1. Dried Flowers and Gold Details

An upcoming trend, which is making its way into the wonderful world of weddings, is the beloved dried flowers. Whether it be pampas grass or dried roses, this trend offers a lot of texture and adds something different to your centrepieces. These stunning flowers are complemented well by adding in a hint of gold, whether it be within those place names, or even additional tiny gold tealights that blend into your tablescape. This sits really well on round tables, drawing all the attention to the centre of your tables, varying heights also work incredibly well and adds lots of depth into the room. You can even add in a charger plate to complement those florals, alongside a textured taupe napkin, the tones will cool the room and create a relaxed dining environment for all of your guests! This trend comes in to play specifically in those late summer months right through to autumn.

  1. Rustic Greenery

If you love that laid back rustic wedding look, this is the trend for you. Incorporating logs and candles into your tablescape always looks stunning. This particularly suits long rustic banquet tables, with a wide range of foliage running down the middle of your table and twinkling tea lights or tall cream candlesticks in varying heights of hurricane vases. This rustic theme works wonders alongside a beige hessian napkin, specifically tied in a knot! This also looks beautiful with some smaller bud vases dotted down the tables, again with varying heights, shapes, and sizes to add some dimension. With the lights dimmed, this really is a beautiful tablescape, the candles twinkling, and the varying earthy tones make for a really beautiful atmosphere and feels like a big family feast!

  1. Pinks & Golds

Pinks are always a popular choice when it comes to weddings. Soft pink tones incorporated with varying gold elements always makes a statement when it come to table lay ups! White tablecloths become instantly elevated with a chiffon pink runner, and a beautiful blush pink napkin looks amazing paired alongside a gold beaded glass charger plate. A popular choice within this trend is to opt for pink candlesticks in gold holder, all with varying heights, alongside a mixture of floral arrangements. This suits raised centrepieces, tall gold square structures that hold a stunning display of pink and white flowers and sit perfectly alongside those candlesticks. This one might not be for everyone, but when executed well, it really does look stunning.

  1. Beautiful Burgundy’s

Let the flowers do the talking with this style, bring in those autumnal tones, the burgundy, yellow and orange and make them the main focal points of your tables. This trend works amazingly with mix and match bud vases, all in those similar tones, dotted down your tables, interjected with small twinkly candles. Similarly, to the earthy tones, this trend looks stunning on long rustic tables and a burgundy napkin complements this extremely well. This trend is at is best in October and when the evening draws in, the candles make a warm and cosy atmosphere throughout the whole room!

These are all great ways to design your tables, but ultimately the big decision is up to you. Use the space to reflect you as a couple and most importantly have fun with it!

Meels – Event Manager