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      Planning a wedding menu is possibly one of the most crucial yet daunting tasks and with an abundance of choice coming to a decision is definitely not easy! Its particularly difficult to envision your wedding menu without seeing or most importantly tasting those all-important dishes, this is where a tasting session comes into play. As a luxury wedding caterer in the Cotswolds, we are on hand to assist you in determining your dream wedding menu. Whether you desire a traditional, elegant 3 course plated dinner, or an abundant family feast sharing style menu, Ross and Ross have got you covered!


As we spend the majority of our time out catering for a multitude of celebrations, we typically run our tasting sessions Tuesday to Thursday during those quieter months of October right the way through until May. We have 2 timeslots available per day, 12pm or 3pm, these both being a substantial two-hour session which allows you an hour and thirty minutes to work your way through your meal selections, but also to allow you an additional 30 minutes for you to not feel rushed – trust me it’s a lot to eat in a short space of time!


Once you have booked in your session, it’s the time to start conjuring up your ideal menu style. At Ross and Ross, we have three different styles of menus that we are proud to offer our wonderful couples!

Opt for a traditional three course plated menu, which include a starter, main and dessert of your choice for all of your guests, or for a supplementary charge you could even offer your guests a choice between three starters, three mains or three desserts.

Or if you prefer a family style feast, delivered to the table for guests to help themselves too, then opt for our sharing board menu, which includes four choices of starter elements, one main and a large sharing dessert.

Perhaps you like a variety of choice within your menu, opt for our BBQ Board inspired menu, a similar style to sharing, but with a lot mor variety. Choose four main elements for you BBQ board plus three additional sides, and three desserts.


At Ross and Ross, we have an abundance of dishes on our menus, which of course makes it increasingly difficult to narrow down your selections. We have a few different styles of tasting options, depending on how many options you require tasting, as listed below. 

Four canapes, two starters, two mains, two desserts.

Six canapes, three starters, three mains, three desserts.

Four canapes, two BBQ mains, two sides, two starters OR two desserts.

Four canapes, two starters, one sharing main, two desserts.


Within these tasting sessions, I or lead events manager Victoria will sit with you and discuss all aspects of your special day, to help flesh out any logistics and timings. We will take this course by course, starting from the ceremony all the way through to evening food, to make sure we have everything covered. We are here to make your day as seamless as possible and answer any questions or queries you may have, of course no question is a silly question! Don’t worry, nothing you have shared in your tasting session is set in stone, these are guidelines to give us and yourselves an idea of how your day will run, think of this as a mini wedding quiz!


In the politest way possible – we don’t want to hear from you for a little while! You will often find that during these sessions we talk through lots of different ideas surrounding, menus, timings, and other more personalised elements of your special celebration. It can definitely be overwhelming! But we want you to feel one hundred percent confident in your menu selections, so we encourage you to have some time to reflect and as soon as you are ready, we will be on hand to assist.

These sessions are essential when it comes to deciding your menu and planning your celebration, they not only help us get to know you and what menu you’re looking for, but also allows you to get to know us and our standard of service – plus who doesn’t love an excuse to spend a few hours eating some delicious food!!