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It’s been a hot minute since we had any real weddings to talk about. The trickle of micro weddings since the easing of the last lockdown has been wonderful, but the last six weeks things have really started to kick off again, and we couldn’t be happier. Back to our busy old selves, witnessing the wedding joy again and again each week.

Weddings are always super magical, but the vibe at each big day since covid has been amazing to witness – everyone so joyous and elated to be back socialising, celebrating and dancing the night away.

There are still changes that have to be made, yes, but it isn’t putting a dampener on anything.

Here are a few of the real weddings we’ve catered for in recent weeks –

J&B at Birtsmorton Court

J&B celebrated in The Great Hall at the beginning of June. A fantastic space to celebrate their long awaited nuptials. With gorgeous flowers by Jenny Fleur. One of the last weddings limited to 30 people, it was intimate, personal, and just as special.

J&M in Nantwich

The first big one of the season was in Nantwich, with 120 guests spending the day in Ms glorious back yard. 💫
⁣Scallops, steak then a custom dessert, along with Js stunning floral notes and personal styling. They all celebrated hard, and in style (yes, that is a gold bar!)

M&G at Cornwell Manor

The first wedding back at the glorious Cornwell Manor this season and with such gorgeous styling. M&G and their 30+ guests had a grand selection of canapés and Iranian pastries.⁣
A delightful 3 course meal of crab, lamb then alternate desserts of chocolate fondant and lemon tart. They then partied the night away with more Iranian touches like music, dancing and sweet treats.⁣ Topped off with a multitude of espresso martinis and shots of patron… and everyone was a winner.

E&T near Derby

Saturday the 10th July saw the wedding of E&T at the most glorious private residence near Derby, planned by Gemma Bond Weddings. The tables were styled in a beautifully executed Alice in Wonderland theme with stunning blooms and lavender plants. ⁣It’s so wonderful to be back catering for large weddings again.


If you’re planning a wedding and you’re still not sure what you fancy to eat, have a word with our team. We can help you to create the perfect menu for your special day.