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Have you ever thought of trying, or have you already completed the 31 day vegan challenge throughout January? That’s right, this month was all about putting away the turkey leftovers and forgetting about all those heavy meals throughout December. January is your time to feel fresh, healthy and vegan!

Veganuary technically started way back in 2014, although we are sure people have been trying this challenge many moons before that. The popularity of this trend has apparently been doubling year on year with a further 1/3rd of all people that take part continuing to eat vegan for at least 6 months after the challenge has ended.

There are so many different reasons why people might choose to take part, their health, their love of animals or to help the environment. Whatever your reason and how ever long you choose a vegan diet, it is a great way to treat your body to some much needed healthy nutrition following Christmas celebrations.

Here at Ross and Ross Events we have catered for many a dietary choice over the years and veganism is certainly a growing trend. We have catered for fully vegan events/weddings and just love surprising people with the colours and ingredients involved in such vegan feasts. Vegan cooking is a great way of thinking outside of the box and creating wonderful, colourful , fresh dishes that will blow you and your taste buds away.

If we were to host our own vegan event: we would probably choose something like the following: (all available from the Ross and Ross Events Brochure 2021):


  • Cauliflower Charcoal Fritters
  • Compressed Tequila Watermelon & Dukkah
  • Potato Crisps with Avocado Drops
  • Cime De Rapa Tempura & Aleppo Pepper


  • Smoked Aubergine, Flat Bread, Pomegranate Soy Yoghurt, Sesame Seeds, Spring Onion & Mint Salad


  • Heritage Carrot & Chickpea Cakes, Tumeric & Coconut Sauce

Sharing Board of Desserts: (Yes it’s a thing, and fully vegan! Win Win)

  • Orange Chocolate Torte
  • Coconut Panna Cotta Pots with Crushed Raspberries
  • Charred Pineapple with Vanilla Soy Yoghurt & Nut Crumb

Ok, So now our mouths are watering. I don’t know about yours. As I am sure you already know, we at Ross and Ross Events like to use the very best of local, fresh ingredients for all of our dishes. If you have a dietary requirement you shouldn’t be made to feel left out. Each dish prepared should be as vibrant, colorful and filling as the last.

So why not give it a go? Try the vegan 31 day challenge as set by It doesn’t just have to be an idea for January. They have a whole host of tips and tricks, ideas and recipes. Feel free to use our mouthwatering menu above as inspiration!

As always, please do get in touch if you have any questions about our catering and remember, just because its not on our menu – it doesn’t mean we can’t cook it for your event. We LOVE taking your ideas, inspiration and favorite dishes and helping them to feature in your special day or event. Just get in touch for more info: