You are currently viewing We’re celebrating at Ross & Ross Events HQ this week – it’s our Head Chef Jon’s birthday!

If you’ve been to a Ross and Ross event lately, you may well have met Jon Rix, or at least sampled some of his creations. We caught up with him in the kitchen whipping up more delicious treats for a three-day retreat and tempted him to sit down with a coffee to find out a bit more about the man behind the apron.

Jon Rix joined the Ross & Ross Events team a year ago, after wowing Ross Whitmill with his skills. With three Rosettes and a Michelin Star under his belt, Jon certainly knows his way around the kitchen.

He has an impressive toolbox full of knives and other useful kitchen implements. Our favourite thing in there is a handful of marbles. He tells us he keeps them in there as a bet he made with himself. Every so often one will disappear (as marbles always do!). The day the last one disappears, he knows he’s completely lost all his marbles, and it’s time to do something new! Our chefs love to wind him up and hide them from time to time to see how he’ll react.

Previously working with Indulgence Caterers and Fawsley Hall, Jon has plenty of experience to add to our team and made quick work of refreshing our menus alongside Ross. He tells me the highlights of his career include working at Six Senses in Oman, where, if he wanted, he could arrive to work via a quick paraglide! He also loved running the Moody Cow pub; cooking up seasonal dishes and keeping the locals well watered.

So what’s his favourite thing to eat? Well, with a laugh, Jon says his favourite thing to eat is anything prepared by someone else! I guess it’s nice to have a break from the kitchen sometimes! Joking aside, you can’t beat your mum’s Sunday Lunch, with all the trimmings, and of course, always Yorkshire puddings and lashings of gravy.

And his favourite thing to drink? You just can’t beat a nice cold San Miguel in a pub garden on a hot summer day. That is when he’s not out catering for our lovely bride and grooms at their wedding!

He certainly has proved his talents in the kitchen, but what does our Chef like to get up to in his spare time? Well with a beautiful fiancée, a 15-month-old baby and a bouncy Jack Russell at home, Jon loves to spend his free time with his family, planning his wedding, and improving his home. He is particularly proud of his garden, where he is currently working hard on his vegetable patch; nothing beats the freshest veg straight from soil to bowl in just minutes. Jon and his family love getting out and exploring the countryside, having tasty picnics along the way.

So how is Jon celebrating his birthday? He’s having a week off to spend with his family, and is planning to treat them to lots of days out, and having a well-earned break! Fiancée Emily will be picking up the apron on Tuesday but she won’t tell us what meal she’s got planned for Jon. Standards are high in this house so we’re excited to hear about the results!

Happy Birthday Jon! Have a fabulous day!